Full-Arm-05 REPEATER

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It allows the duplication at distance of all the information provided by the FULL-ARM-05 (Art. FAV-831) of which it reflects form and dimension. Therefore it represents the ideal complement for the realization of fixed electrical systems. Their installation at the opposite sides of the board is simple, with a pleasant aspect and not very cumbersome (thickness only 4cm).

It is equipped with a cable 30m long for the direct connection to the FULL-ARM-05 (Art. FAV-831). This cable can be easily extended up to 100m.

Power supply( 12V 400mA - not included FAV-954): 12Vac/dc, 115Vac, 230Vac.

Size: 56x23,5x9cm.

Weight: 1.65kg.

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