Kempa Attack Fencing Shoes

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Attack – unleash your footwork​
Our Attack is the perfect choice for all fencers looking for an affordable high-quality fencing shoe. This high-performance fencing shoe is the successful result of an intense collaboration of three German companies going global: allstar, Uhlmann and Kempa. Our Attack combines highest functionality and durability with an appealing design.
  • very high abrasion-resistance due to the use of a high-quality rubber composite for the sole
  • the honeycomb profile guarantees a perfect grip on the piste
  • lateral leather reinforcement
  • excellent absorption/cushioning effect
  • reinforced shoelace protection
  • light weight
The main difference between our two models of Kempa fencing shoes, Attack Pro and Attack, is based in the use of diverse materials:
Attack Pro: special matrix-fabric with Kevlar, lateral rubber reinforcement, anti-slip lining

Attack: basic mesh, lateral leather reinforcement, basic lining